Man jailed for failed smuggling attempt, leaving 11 puppies dead


On 19 Jun, Singaporean Cheow Yon Siong was sentenced to one year and eight months’ jail for attempting to smuggle 23 puppies into Singapore from Malaysia, 11 of which later died.

The 53-year-old pleaded guilty to two charges under the Animals and Birds Act and charged for the possession and consumption of methamphetamine.

He and his Malaysian accomplice, Yeun Jian Iun, were caught in the act when the Police Coast Guard stopped his yacht for routine inspection  on 28 Oct 2016. They discovered the puppies after hearing barkings from the cargo which was covered with large pieces of cloth.

The puppies were kept in cramped conditions in six cases with no food or water.

After being rescued, they were found to be infected with parvovirus, a contagious animal disease, causing some of them to begin vomiting and having diarrhoea. Some could not even eat on their own.

Despite veterinary treatment, 11 of the 23 puppies later succumbed to illnesses and died by late Novemeber 2016.

Chew is currently serving a jail term of six years and six months for drug trafficking. The new sentence was ordered to run after the completion of his current one.

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