5 Steps To Make Microsoft MSN Publish Your Fake News.

5 Steps To Make Microsoft MSN Publish Your Fake News.

Ministry of Law has said that the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill aims to protect our society from casualties caused by online falsehoods constructed by “malicious actors”.

Many will ask, got so many Fake News meh? Fake News so easy to create meh?

Well, we did a quick research and found a simple 5 Steps Model to make your fake news look real on MSN. Why MSN? Because it is by Microsoft, big MNC. If you manage to get your fake news published on MSN, most people will believe that it is real.

And here is a real-life example with this model to get Microsoft’s MSN to publish your Fake News

Step 1:

Create a fake Facebook account and post a piece of Fake News, for example, a photo of CPF demanding you to pay back your study loan.

To get it up fast, don’t bother to have a profile photo or add friends since it is ok to look fake, most people will not question how real this is.

Step 2:

Wait 2 minutes before you share on your Facebook page. (Look at time stamp)

Step 3:

To make your Fake News go viral, use a few of your fake accounts to share the post to about 100 different groups. Soon after which you would have thousands of overly passionate netizens sharing the Fake News.

Step 4:

Now that Your Fake News is viral on Facebook. Get an independent news site to repurpose your Fake News into an article.

At this point, you are almost there in getting your Fake News to look real.

Step 5:

Since that independent news site provides content syndication service to MSN.com which is powered by Microsoft News (a reputable MNC), your fake news now looks as real as it can be.

See, 5 easy peasy steps to make your fake news look real.

Try this at your own risk; Sure Boh Singapore does not guarantee that you can escape the eye of the Government with this model.

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