NTUC FairPrice new initiatives to moderate the cost of living for Singaporeans


Ask a Singaporean what’s the worst thing about staying in Singapore and the popular reply would be along the lines of: “High cost of living lor! Everything is so expensive…”

Great news! On 18 March 2019, NTUC FairPrice has announced that they have released two initiatives to help Singaporeans cope with the high cost of living in Singapore. From now till 30 June 2020, consumers can expect a decline in prices for about 50 essential FairPrice housebrand products, and a guarantee that the prices of about 100 FairPrice housebrand products will not be affected by possible inflation rates. “As part of the NTUC group of Social Enterprises serving various purposes for Singaporeans, FairPrice continues to play our part in moderating cost of living”, Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC FairPrice announced.

We should be all quite familiar that FairPrice housebrand products are cheaper alternatives to leading brands by at least 10-15% less in prices. FairPrice not only provides a wide range of housebrand products for our daily essentials, they are of good quality too and better yet- now sold at even lower prices! With the new fall in prices and implementation of the price freeze, we can expect the housebrand everyday essentials to be now at least 20% cheaper than comparable leading brands!

One of FairPrice’s regular customer, Mr Viknesh Kumaran, 39, pilot, said: “As a fan of FairPrice’s housebrand products, our family is heartened to see FairPrice doing even more to keep prices of our daily essentials affordable, without compromising on quality. With the price freeze, I feel even more assured to continue purchasing our regular grocery items at FairPrice stores.”

Young families can expect to save up to 38% with FairPrice formula milk and toilet roll, and about 30-32% on rice and baby diapers. Other daily essentials that customers can enjoy the savings on include items like milk, oil, canned food, detergent powder and many more.

For families who leave the older generation to do the grocery shopping (we all know our grandmas and grandpas know best!), even greater news! On top of the new savings, NTUC FairPrice is honoring the Merdeka Generation with Merdeka Wednesdays! Merdeka Generation are known as the hands who shaped our nation, and to show appreciation to their contributions to our nation, the Merdeka Generation will enjoy a 3% discount on their purchases on FairPrice on Wednesdays for a year, starting 1 July 2019.

What are you waiting for? Time to stock up your daily essentials at FairPrice and enjoy these cost savings for the next 15 months- thank you FairPrice!

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