Grab to charge users S$4 cancellation fee


Starting from 11 Mar, Grab users will be charged S$4 cancellation fee if they cancel the ride after securing a booking for more than five minutes, Grab announced on its website on 3 Mar.

For ride-sharing service, GrabShare, passengers will incur the S$4 charge if they cancel the ride upon securing the booking for more than three minutes.

“Cancellations are also free if the Grab ride arrives after its estimated time of arrival by more than five minutes,” Grab added.

Currently, Grab users are charged only S$5 fee if they cancel a ride third time in seven days.

With the updated guidelines, passengers are still able to cancel their bookings while the drivers will be fairly compensated for their time and effort, should the passengers cancel the reservation at the very last minute.

Drivers will receive 100% of the fee as compensation.

The S$4 charge will also apply for passengers who take too long to show up. Drivers will be allowed to cancel the ride, without penalties, after waiting for more than five minutes or three minutes for GrabShare rides.

Standard additional waiting time surcharges apply if the driver decides to wait for you beyond the stipulated time.

The new cancellation fee will be deducted directly from passengers’ GrabPay balance or credit/debit card. This fee will be added to next ride’s fare if passengers choose cash payment.

Grab noted that passengers will only be penalised either for late cancellation or for not showing up on time, but not both at the same time.

Additionally, “Passengers will not be charged a cancellation fee after five minutes if the location data of their drivers show that they are still a distance away from the pickup point despite indicating that they have arrived,” the company said.

Passengers who feel that they are wrongfully charged can report the incident to Grab via its in-app help center.

To all the inconsiderate passengers, this one is for you. Now, lim pei see how you make multiple bookings without getting penalize.

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