IMDA will take firm actions against SingPost over service lapses



On 29 Jan, the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) expressed “grave concerns” over an incident in which unopened letters and packages were being tossed into a rubbish bin.

The incident, which happened in Ang Mok Kio, first surfaced in a Facebook post that went viral on 28 Jan, shared eight images of discarded letters in the bin. In the post, user Alyce Kathlyn claimed that the postman had dumped the letters and parcels in the bin.

In response, Singpost immediately dispatched a team to comb the area overnight. While the bin was located, the team was unable to find any discarded letters in other bins within the vicinity.

It was later reported that the postman, serving areas in Ang Mo Kio, was arrested and that Police investigation is still ongoing.

“Under the Postal Services Act, it is an offense for any officer, employee or agent of a postal licensee to destroy or throw away any postal article or anything contained therein,” an IMDA spokesperson said. “IMDA will take appropriate action against anyone found guilty of contravening the Postal Services Act.”

If found breaching any public postal license requirements, IMDA will not hesitate to take firm action against Singpost, especially so with the recent spate of service lapses.

As the reliability, integrity, and security of Singapore’s public postal services are at stake, IMDA urged Singpost to investigate all complaints and feedbacks raised and to improve its service standard to restore public confidence in its postal services.

Heng ah, not my area. But then again, Singpost pay you to deliver letters, just deliver la. It is a difficult job, but don’t make other people life difficult also la.

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