No Need Worry Lah! You still can start receiving your CPF Payout at 65 if you want to!

No Need Worry Lah! You still can start receiving your CPF Payout at 65 if you want to!

There is a message spreading around on Whatsapp, indicating that the CPF’s Payout Eligibility Age has changed to 70, accusing government of “doing it quietly with no formal announcement made.”


The Payout Eligibility Age (PEA) is still at 65 for members born from 1954. It has NOT been changed.

Citizens have the flexibility to start the payouts ANYTIME between 65 to 70 as long as they inform the CPF board. If not, by default, payouts will automatically start at 70.

Truth is, the process has NOT changed at all. Even in the past, citizens have to apply to start their payouts! Yes, the CPF board previously did not state that the payouts will automatically begin by 70, resulting in some citizens not starting their payouts. However, in 2016, this issue was rectified, and the “70-year-old rule” was implemented to make sure all citizens will get payouts latest by 70.

So, my fellow friends, don’t need to get so jumpy on a beautiful Wednesday, Please do assure your parents or elderly relatives that nothing has changed, the PEA is still at 65 if you want it.

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