Wa lao, I thought want reduce tensions. Now intrude again

intrude, territorial

Five Malaysian government vessels were seen in Singapore territorial waters on 9 Jan, just a day after both countries agreed to set up a working group to dissolve their maritime disputes.

As of 6pm on 10 Jan, two vessels remained in Singapore territorial waters off Tuas, the Maritime Port Authority (MPA) said. However, the Malaysian Marine Department has insisted that both vessels had been in Malaysian waters.

One of these Malaysian ships was MV Pedoman which has replaced the MV Polaris.

On 9 Jan, Johor’s chief minister Osman Sapian boarded the Pedoman and spoke to the officers onboard. In his facebook post, Mr Osman thanked the “services and sacrifices” of the officers who were “committed to secure and defend our waters”.

I thought agree to move matters forward in a calm and constructive manner liao. Why still intrude our territorial waters. Buay gum leh. #whyyoualwayslying

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