Candidates can apply schools via JAE upon collection of O-levels results

Students can collect their results from their respective schools from 2pm that day, while private candidates will be notified by post, the Ministry of Education and Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board said in a joint media release.

Alternatively, private candidates can also obtain their results online using their SingPass account.


Students who wish to apply for Junior Colleges, Millennia Institute, polytechnics or the Institute of Technical Education can do so through the Joint Admission Exercise, which will open at 3pm on 14 Jan until 4pm on 18 Jan.

The JAE posting results are due to be released on 31 Jan.

For more details, applicants may refer to the JAE website.

For those collecting results, relax la. What is done is done, no need to worry so much. Now worry also can’t change anything, tio bo?

Results come out liao then plan ahead.

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