Chairman of Korean IT company made staff get on his knees after shouting and assaulting him


Yang Jin-ho, the Chairman of Korean online file-sharing site, Hankook Mirae Technology, is seen attacking a former employee at the WeDisk office.

South Korea workplace violence

The near 3-minute video showing a clip of Yang hitting a former IT developer was recorded on 8th April 2015, at the WeDisk office in Bundang-gu in Seongnam and was released on the 30th October by News Tapa.

In the video, Yang condemns the former employee in front of the workers for leaving critical comments on a bulletin board on the company’s website. The chairman then slaps the former IT developer twice and demands a “sincere apology.”

While Yang is seen repeatedly assaulting the former employee, no one in the room tries to stop him. Instead, all the employees remained seated while staring at their computer screens.

Yang, after threatening and assaulting the former employee, went on to humiliate him further by pressuring him to apologise. The former employee can be seen crying with his head down.

As the former employee kneels on the floor to apologise, Yang hits the back of his head, demanding for “sincerity” in his apology.

Apparently, it was revealed that the video was recorded by one of the firm’s employees on the Yang’s orders to “keep it as a souvenir”.

The former employee told News Tapa, “The main reason for the assault was because I’d posted a critical comment on the company’s bulletin board where many employees can see.”

He also mentioned the reason why he’d put up with the assault was because “Chairman Yang is someone in the IT industry where I work for a living and (the industry) pays well. If I were to fight back, I would be the one losing out.”

He concluded the interview saying, “I want to ask Chairman Yang if he thinks this is the right way to treat a person”.

The Chairman of Hankook Mirae Technology and the largest shareholder of another online file-sharing site Filenori, have been involved in digital sex crimes and is being investigated by the police.

You may watch the video below:

Here’s the transcript to the video, because lao-niang happened to eat a lot of kimchi today:

(Starts from 0:15)

Chairman Yang: You don’t know what have you done?
Chairman Yang: You bastard.
Chairman Yang: Funny?
Chairman Yang: Do you know what have you said? You think it is funny?
Chairman Yang: You fxcking bastard. How dare you swear at your president?
Chairman Yang: Apologise properly. If you want to live, apologise properly. With sincerity. You deserve to die. Very much.
Employee: I’m sorry.
Chairman Yang: Do it properly! Louder!
Employee: I’m sorry, president. (the president probably is the man with the tie)

(continues at 1:03)

Chairman Yang: How old are you? Can’t you do it properly? Lift your head. Why did you do that? Are you crying? Acting like a fxcking bastard.
Chairman Yang: Hey you are not being responsible for what you did and now you’re crying?
Employee: I’m sorry.
Chairman Yang: Being sorry won’t solve the problem. You have to be responsible for it.
Chairman Yang: You refused to apologise when I gave you a chance. Be responsible for it.
Chairman Yang: You talk carelessly about a good boss that you served before like that.
Chairman Yang: You drank right. Yesterday. Or are you like that when you didn’t drink?
Chairman Yang: Then go ahead and die. You fxcking bastard.

Woah. Sibei drama.

And please hor, if you are a victim of workplace violence, you can go to Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) or look for your respective union to help you.

But then if you already quit liao, then bo bian, please report to Singapore Police Force.

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If you’d like to contribute your story to us, drop us an email at and we’ll review it. We read each submission that comes to us within two weeks of receiving it.

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