Singaporean shares his experience of how he was almost robbed in Malaysia

Singaporean shares his experience of how he was almost robbed in Malaysia

Tony Lau, a Facebook user, shares his experience of how he was almost robbed with a knife pointed at him in Malaysia recently.

In case you are unable to view the screenshot above, here’s a summary of what happened, according to Tony’s account:

  • Tony was at the Tuas Checkpoint at 4am in the morning
  • He stopped at a nearby top-up station to top up his Touch ‘n Go card as it was running out of value
  • The moment he stepped out of his car, he saw a guy with a knife waving at him as he said to him “Bro top up ya!”
  • At the same time, there was another guy with motorcycle moving towards Tony too
  • As the 2 men were approaching Tony, a Singapore car (Toyota Estima) whose driver was a “big size guy”, stopped his car that was fully loaded with passengers nearby
  • The 2 men then kept the knife and moved away
  • Tony took the opportunity and quickly ran back into his car and drove away
  • The 2 men allegedly followed Tony’s car and even waited for him to clear the immigration
  • Tony suspected that the 2 men were not eyeing his cash, but his “Lady York” with “high boosted set”
  • Upon clearing the immigration and toll, Tony sped all the way to Nusajaya where he made a U-turn and eventually got back to Singapore safely
  • Tony concluded his post by warning fellow Singaporeans to remember to lock their car and look around their surroundings before opening the car door and stepping out of the car
  • He also urged drivers to always keep a baseball bat or a steering wheel lock at side of driver’s seat

You may read his account in full text below:

“#NearlyRobbedOfMyBelovedLadyYork! 差点一失两命! 差点被打抢

Nabei ! Nearly kanna rob at knife point at JB tuas immigration there siol at 4am. As my toll card is low value so i stopped at the small hunt topup station there. Suddenly when I stepped out of my car, there was this guy with a knife waving at me, “bro topup ya!” I was like wtf! Then a motorcycle with another guy move in towards me. I was like nabei hong kan liao. My baseball bat at my car boot also.

Both of them moving towards me… then luckily theres this SG estima with a big size guy and full loaded with paxs also stopped, then they act blur keep knife n moved away…

Wtf!!! I opened my door and sped away. They also follow!!! But i hav to clear immigration so they waited… i know they are eyeing my car not my cash!!! My Lady York was pumping hard… she was high boosted set… Once cleared immigration n toll, i sped all the way till 240km, to Nursajaya, uturned and back to SG! Bringing us back to SG safely…

Sia la… those going JB or Msia… if u r driving, remember to lock your car, take a look at the surroundings before opening and stepping out of car… and also have a baseball bat or steering wheel lock “cos its a metal rod like a bat” keep it handy at the driver seat.

Thank God for the safety back ! 🙏🙇‍♂🙇‍♂🙇‍♂🙏”

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