Caregiver brutally assaults an 86-year-old woman

Caregiver brutally assaults an 86-year-old woman

A caregiver in Shenyang, China has been accused of brutally assaulting an 86-year-old woman.

The victim’s daughter, Mdm Liu, discovered that her 86-year-old mother has been repeatedly beaten and abused by the caregiver while viewing the surveillance footage.

You may watch the footage here:


The caregiver has been detained by the Shenyang police in Liaoning Province after an investigation.

In an interview, Mdm Liu told the reporters “My mother has been brutally beaten. She’d suffered a broken nose and has multiple bruises on her face.” reported Xinhua.

According to Xinhua, in the footage captured on the surveillance camera, the caregiver can be seen abusing the elderly in various ways.

For instance, the caregiver would scratch the elderly’s head with the comb when the elderly is combing her hair. When the elderly is washing her face, the caregiver would hit her head. During meal time, the caregiver would hit the elderly’s face with the spoon. And when the elderly wants to drink water, the caregiver would then shove and hit the elderly.

Mdm Liu told the reporters that the caregiver appeared to be “very honest” and “well-behaved” in front of her and her siblings. They were shocked and horrified to have discovered her cruel actions after Mr Liu, the victim’s son, saw the live footage of his mother being beaten by her caregiver on his mobile phone.

Upon discovering the caregiver’s shocking behaviour, the family reviewed more security footage and discovered that their mother had been physically abused by the caregiver on seven or eight occasions in the two weeks before. They decided to call the police.

According to Xinhua, Mdm Liu had hired the caregiver to look after her mother who was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Atrophy as she needed around-the-clock care. The caregiver was paid 5,000 China Yuan (SGD $1,000) a month.

Currently, the case is still undergoing investigation.

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