Very poor and questionable service from DBS Bank

Very poor and questionable service from DBS Bank

Written and contributed by: Mr Raymond Anthony Fernando.

Very poor and questionable service from DBS Bank

I refer to the above matter. On 27 June 2018 morning around 8.39am after praying to my late wife and sister in church, I withdrew some money from the DBS Thomson Plaza branch and while the deduction of $1,110 was made, the money did not come out from the machine. I even saw on the screen on the money machine the breakdown of notes that I was supposed to receive – 11 pieces of $100 notes and one piece of a $10 note.

There are cameras at the money machines so it’s easy to check. The hotline number manned by the bank staff told me they can only rectify the mistake after investigating the incident and I can only get back my money in two days. What would happen to the lower income group who need the money urgently for their daily expenses?

Has DBS bank got no compassion at all? The staff proved most unhelpful and as a result of which I had to wait till 10 am for the bank to open its doors before I could lodge an official report. and all my household chores including cooking and washing my clothes were delayed. A lot of customers at the bank in the queue were grumbling why the bank has to start operations at 10 am when they ought to do so at 8.30am – just like other banks. In addition, the bank at Avenue 4 Ang Mo Kio near the 628 market in Ang Mo Kio has taken away all staff, making it most inconvenient for many elderly Singaporeans.

In what way is DBS Bank being supportive of our silver-haired citizens? Last month while updating my bank book, the book got stuck in the machine and the bank staff told me I will get back the bank book one week later. What kind of service is this from a bank? DBS often has the cheek to boast of top-notch service? It is abundantly clear to me that the machines which I gather are by the service provider are very badly maintained. There are moves by the government to use robots and machines in place of human beings in their SMART NATION drive.

Surely, if staff are not available, money dispensing machines must be in perfect order and properly maintained So, what next, wait two days to get my money back, then make another trip to the bank, all on account of poor systems in place?

Given this poor service from the bank, I will avoid going to the DBS Bank branch in Thomson Plaza.

Raymond Anthony Fernando (Mr)

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