Flesh Imp’s ex employee allegedly took $1,000 loan then run road, legit ah long send letter to Flesh Imp

UPDATE:  Mr. Serrano has got in touch with us and filed a report against Flesh Imp allegation.

Sure Boh Singapore also noted that Nicholas Cho, the Director of Flesh Imp has removed his Facebook post.

This is a reader-contributed story.

“Remember what I was ranting about several days ago?
It’s the photog / social media manager that we hired.

His name is Jan Serrano also known as @33rd.prince on social media, and Nadge when he is not missing in action.

The same photog / social media that we gave opportunities to, time and again, but only to be left high and dry with several projects with no closure.

Turns out he only wanted to work full time and get a payslip, so he can get loans from licensed money lenders.

The story he told us, was that he needed the payslips for reservist purposes.

I have thought hard before posting details previously, because I always see the positive in people, but I think I have to post this as a warning, before others get conned as well.

If you are thinking of hiring this guy, make sure that you check his credit records and ensure that he is not misrepresenting you in any other way, prior to, or after you actually hire him.

He was effectively MIA in person, but not on social media.

I have exhausted all efforts to contact this guy, and honestly do not want anything to do with him.
Please beware and help share to let everyone be aware.

Now can anyone teach me how to fend off the debt collectors when they come to the store and office?

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