“Data Register” company is back to chase people for money like ah long

“Data Register” company is back to chase people for money like ah long

Data Register, a Singapore company, was previously fined $200,000 for creating a false impression that they were linked to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

The scam company sent out 139,933 letters without its company name and registration number.

It led 21,780 recipients to unintentionally subscribe to their company’s services, paying a subscription fee of $490 a year.

This company was formerly known as Company Register.

They also sent thousands of letters to businesses, asking them to verify details with it or they may be deleted from the “Singapore Company Register” database.

Guess what? This company STILL exists after all that has happened!

Data Register is back

Undisclosed sources revealed that subscribers are still receiving letters, reminding them to settle their outstanding balances from 2014 to 2018.

In 2016, subscribers were reportedly only given 10 working days within a selected period to terminate their accounts.

To make matters worse, subscribers could only receive a refund if they have not used the services provided by the company.

Data Register is still much very “alive”. 

Jobstreet advertisement

Check out the company’s description on jobstreet’s website:

So the company claims that its violation of ACRA’s regulations in 2013 “has since been concluded” and “the company now runs smoothly under its new management“.

Wow. Just wow.

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