Actually the angmohs also sibei kiasi one, free USB fan also can become “spy”

More often than not, we’ve heard Singaporeans being described as “Kiasi” (afraid to die), but the Trump-Kim summit might have just unveiled this set of kiasi personality amongst the Angmohs.

More than 2,500 local and foreign journalists who were in Singapore to cover the historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday were distributed with goodie bags which includes the micro USB fan as seen below.

Free micro USB fan leh, not bad right?

But apparently some smart alec decided that the mini USB fan given out were USB-powered fans that can carry malware which created a frenzy amongst the journalists covering the summit on Twitter.

Aiyo, come on leh, it’s just a poor innocent little fan. Free one some more still hiam so much.

Some of them even suggest that it might be a listening device…

or even a device targeted to attack the journalists.

They’re all very imaginative, don’t you think so?

Nevertheless, in response to these speculation, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) have since clarified that the fans are just simple devices with no storage or processing capabilities.

But then hor, if they are so paranoid, why didn’t it occur to them that the spread of food prepped for them could be poisoned too leh?

So I would suggest them that next time when they attend such event, they better prepare some needles that are made of silver to test for poison. Kiasu a bit, because you will never know what will happen, right?

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