Trump-Kim summit can be summed up in 3 Singlish words, “See how lor” is one of the them

You know how they say Singlish is an effective language?

Like instead of saying “what do you mean”, you can condense it in one Singlish word “huh”. Or when you want to tell you friends to make their way to a place first, you can just tell them” you go first”.

South China Morning Post did a video and basically summed up the interactions at the Trump-Kim summit in 3 Singlish words: Leceh, Jialat and See how lor.

Disclaimer: The words do not accurately describe the outcome of the summit, rather, it’s an expression of how the Trump-Kim summit could have turned out.


Source: The Korea Times

Aiya, so many road blocks confirm leceh lah. That’s why better to avoid some roads or else confirm kena caught in traffic jam one.

Even though it’s a bit leceh for the public, it’s way more tiring for the 5,000 officers from Ministry of Home Affairs working round the clock to make sure the summit is 101% safe.

Some police officers have not even been going home!


Source: NY mag

Everyone’s anxious about the meeting between Trump and Kim in the hours leading up to the historic summit.

Trump wanted a complete denuclearisation but was Kim willing to let go of all their nuclear weapons for US to lift all their sanctions against North Korea?

Anxiety was in the air and it would have been very jialat if the two leaders couldn’t come to a mutual agreement.

Thankfully, Trump said the meeting was “very, very good” and Kim said we can expect “dawn of peace”.

So…really heng ah!

See how lor

Source: The Straits Times

Trump and Kim are going to sign something but there’s no info on what they’re actually going to sign or whether any agreements have been made.

So see how lor.

If anything, this marks a positive indication for world peace but we should keep our fingers crossed because we don’t really know what to expect in the months ahead.

Keep praying for world peace.

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