Trump-Kim summit: 5 feel-good moments for all Singaporeans out there

Now that the Trump-Kim summit is over and both President Trump and Chairman Kim are flying back to their respective countries tonight, here’s a wrap up for all Singaporeans who have been feeling patriotic to see our Singapore brand fly high, up in the sky.

Here are 5 feel-good moments for all Singaporeans out there.

1) Kim’s (possibly) first public wefie

No one has seen Kim appearing in any selfie or wefie shots. This is probably Kim’s first public wefie uploaded and widely shared in the social media space.

The best part? He was standing next to two Singaporean ministers – Minister Vivian Balakrishnan and Minister Ong Ye Kung at Gardens by the Bay.

Aren’t you glad Singapore’s flag is captured in this photo? (Hint: Look bottom right of picture)

2) Singapore’s name on the joint statement

Sentosa island, Singapore.

The little red dot is mentioned on the most significant piece of document of this historic Trump-Kim submit!

3) Singapore all over in Korean newspaper

Translation of headline: Beloved best leader Kim Jong Un visited several tourist areas in Singapore

Never mind what’s actually reported in the North Korean papers, the coverage certainly looks positive!

Kim also said Singapore is clean and beautiful and hopes he can learn from our country.

4) A taste of Singapore delicacies

What’s on the lunch menu today: Yangzhou fried rice with gu lou yok (咕噜肉). Singapore style.

5) Singapore is finally not part of China

Many people assumed Singapore is part of China because it’s in Asia and we have lots of Chinese here. They didn’t bother to google until recently.

There was a huge spike in Google search for “where is Singapore”!

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