Reader spotted ants in her baby’s antibiotic, clinic charged $90 for new medicine and consultation

This is a reader-contributed story.

“Dear All,

I have contacted SMC and MOH. I will submit all that is necessary and let the relevant authority handle the case. SMC have pre-empt that this will b a long process and investigation will take at least 9 mths.

I thank you all for your concerns and care.

This post is merely to voice out my incident and my experience. I’m not trying to accuse or smear anybody’s reputation.

Once again Thank you all who PMED me with all your kind words and encouragements. Thanks to all who have commented, contributed in the post and the care and love shown. 

Please know what kind of doctor you are consulting.

I brought my gal to Baby and Child Clinic – Tampines St 81 on Wed evening of 6th June as she is havingcough. We consulted Dr Loke on this visit. My gal was given some medication for her cough and antibiotic as her throat is inflammed.

I dont usually look into the medication when i feed her (as in look in detail inside the bottle of the medication) but when i fed my gal her antibiotic on Thurs evening when i put the syringe in to get the medicine i saw some black dots in the medication (the antibiotic is white in color) i pour some of the medication out and i saw it was ants. Its not oni 1 but quite a few floating inside the medication.

I called the clinic today morning 8th June and the nurse ask if it was ants from my home. I told her that i dont spot a single ant on my kitchen top and the cap is tightly closed so how can it b fm my home? So the nurse asked to bring it back to the clinic. 15mins later, the nurse called again to say tat the doc mentioned that becos my gal has started w the medication so doc would wan to see my gal again to check on her again.

I reached the clinic in the evening at about 8pm consulted Dr Ho as Dr Loke is not in today. She suggested that we chg the antibiotic and maintain the rest of the medication. They refunded me $20 for the antibiotic. Upon getting my medication i was asked to pay a total of $90plus for consultation and medicine. I told the nurse that this is not right as this is no fault of mine that there is an issue w the medicine and i did not request to consult the doc. I told the nurse that I will pay for the medication and not consultation fee. Nurse spoke to Dr Ho about the consultation fee but Dr Ho insist tat i have to pay. I went in to the room and spoke to Dr Ho this was her reply :

You consulted Dr Loke that day and it was not me. So today you see me so you have to pay. I told her i did not request to see a doc. It was your clinic who asked me to come again due to the medication. So this is your clinics problem not mine. And i didnt even make a fuss about what my gal have consumed since Wed evening. She still insist i pay. I told her i do not want any of her medication today nor will i pay her a single cent. I insisted to take the stained antibiotic back and gave them back the $20.

I was soo soooo upset and i teared in front of the nurse as i was getting really mad and emo. I feel so so bad that i have brought my kid to see such a horrible doctor who do not care about their patient. All she cared about is her CONSULTATION FEE $$$

I will lodge a formal complain to Ministry of Health, Singapore with the stained medicine.”

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