National Wage Council suggests giving low-wage workers $50 to $70 more each month

The National Wage Council proposed a pay increase of $50 to $70 for low-wage workers earning up to $1,300 a month.

Last year, they proposed an increase of $45 to $60 for workers earning up to $1,200.

The proposed pay hike may not seem much to us but it’s a great deal for low-income workers.

It can help pay their utilities bill or HDB monthly conservancy fee.

Aside from the proposed built-in wage increase, NWC is also suggesting for companies to give a one-off bonus of $300 to $600 to low-wage workers. This is a form of sharing productivity gains in 2017.

Even though these suggestions are not compulsory, there are more enlightened employers who are willing to improve the lives of workers.

In 2017, 48 per cent of companies adopted NWC’s recommendations. This is a 27 per cent increase from 2016. It is also the highest adoption rate since 2013.

Industries who are the most proactive in adopting the pay increment recommendation: accommodation and food services, community, social and personal services, and wholesale and retail trade

Industries that gave lesser: construction, transportation and storage and manufacturing.

In a nutshell:

national wage council recommendations

The National Wage Council is a tripartite body with representatives from employers, trade unions and the Government.

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