Goondu design flaw… LTA never use brain? Nah perhaps not…

Goondu design flaw… LTA never use brain? Nah perhaps not…

A photo of a bus stop along 141 Bukit Timah road has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook in less than 24 hours. Why?

There is a railing built in front of the bus stop shelter and it is “blocking” commuters from boarding the bus in front of the bus shelter.

Now if you’re cursing and swearing at LTA for this design flaw, hold your breath.

It’s actually a site constraint and the railings were built to protect commuters’ safety.

Railings are there on purpose

This bus stop has been there for ages and LTA actually talked about this issue in 2012.

Basically, there’re a few reasons why the railings are “blocking” the bus stop shelter:

  • Traffic is heavy along this road, especially during peak hours
  • Bus bay is necessary to prevent buses from blocking traffic flow (see photo below)
  • Railings deter bus captains from stopping right in front of the bus stop shelter
  • Railings guide commuters to board the bus at the designated bus bay (behind the bus stop shelter) – this keeps them safely away from the main road where there are many vehicles
  • Commuters can wait within bus shelter before bus arrives

This photo explains why:

Visual by AM Lee

Bus stop will be reconstructed

Anyway, there will be changes to this particular bus stop outside Esso station.

According to improvement works plan, bus stop 40021 will be reconstructed “to allow passengers to board/alight in front of bus shelter”.

Source: Melvin Yong Facebook

LTA has awarded a contract to Megastone Holdings Pte Ltd to expand the junctions at Balmoral Road/Bukit Timah Road and Newton Circus.

Road works including lane widening and construction of drains, sheltered walkways and bus shelters. It is scheduled to start 3rd quarter of 2018 and end by 3rd quarter of 2020.

Mr Melvin Yong who is MP for Moulmein-Carinhill wrote about this on his Facebook on 11th April.

He mentioned that the extensive road works will improve traffic conditions along these busy roads.

Sure Boh Singapore has reached out to Melvin Yong for his response on this issue.

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