Former S-league footballer dies while raising funds for son

Former S-league footballer dies while raising funds for son

Former S-League footballer Nur Alam Shah, 38, was in the midst of raising money for his son Muhammed Royyan for surgery when he died of a heart attack last Friday (18th May).

He leaves behind his wife, Madam Azean Aziz, 38 and two other children aged 8 and 14.

Alam Shan worked as a limousine driver prior to his death and was once a Woodlands Wellington player who played in the S-League (now known as the Singapore Premier League) in the 2000s. 

He set a fund raising target of $120,000 thorough fund raising site and as of now, donations are at $58,000.

His son suffers from a rare heart defect known as Hyoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), a disease that affects normal blood flow through the heart. HLHS also took his daughter at 5 months of age.

Royan has already undergone two surgeries to ease the condition, the first being an open heart surgery when he was just 25 days old.

Alam Shah was reported to be a passionate and result man whom started the Combine Schools Football Club (a non-profit youth football club) last y4ear with the goal of providing free football coaching to children.

If you would like to help 4 year old Muhammed Royyan with his surgery also, you may do so at this site “Helping my son Muhammad Royyan medical expenses” –


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