Move over Samuel Seow, the Korean Air screamers are here! (Secret audio recording)

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I’m sure by now, you would have heard about Samuel Seow, the entertainment lawyer who was reported to the police for allegedly assaulting his staff. If you still have not, geez, please get out and make some friends who will tell you things, OK?

Anyway, an audio file of the alleged incident has been making its rounds online. Click here for Mothership’s shorter and “juicer” version of the original 30-minute long video.

Yup, that clip had half of Singapore wondering who and where Shaun was, hurhur! Can talk over things nicely one mah, why must raise voice, why must scream?

Remember the Korean Air “Nut Rage” Sisters saga some time back? Apparently because they abused their authority and power in their workplace, they lost their jobs. Ahhh, karma bites!

Source: CNN

The situation appears to be pretty bad, and the staff at Korean Air even organised a protest recently to demand for the chairman Cho Yang-ho to be ousted. Yup, because of how his two daughters had conducted themselves.

Source: NYT

If you don’t remember what happened, or don’t have friends, I’ve quickly summarized things for you. I’ve also found the audio files that were secretly recorded!

Cho Hyun Ah: Korean Air ‘nut rage’ heiress

Source: SFGate

In December 2014, Cho Hyun Ah, who was Korean Air vice-president then, had a meltdown on the flight retuning to Seoul from New York. She was sitting in the first class cabin when the flight attendant served her some nuts. In a bag. Instead of on a plate.

She went literally “nuts”, flew into a rage and demanded for the flight attendant to be removed from the plane and ordered for the South Korea-bound taxiing plane to return to the gate. Yea, I know, it sure escalated quickly…

Hannor, what a complete nut, yo.

Cho Hyun Min: The Bratty Airline Heiress

Source: Epoch Times

Fast forward to now, some four years later, Cho Hyun Min, the younger sister of Cho Hyun Ah, made headlines for allegedly throwing water in the face of an employee during a business meeting.

An anonymous source released an audio clip that allegedly “featured” the heiress screaming and swearing at someone. It sounds like she was screaming at someone or some people in her room or something, and other staff was secretly recording the happening from outside the room.

But heng ah, the two sisters have since stepped down from management after the Korean Airlines’ unions demanded for both to be removed from their executive posts.

Lee Myung Hee: Korean Air Chairman’s Wife Bullies Employees

As if the tantrums from his daughters weren’t enough, Korean Air Chairman’s wife Lee Myung Hee become the latest member of the Cho family to be caught out in the series of tantrum scandal.

She was reportedly screaming at her driver for not knowing the way to her eldest son’s home or something. And she totally lost it, and even turned violent.

AND YOU REEEEALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS ONE! She is the mother of all screamers, I tell you!

Sooooo….. The Korean Air Chairman’s wife is currently under investigation for allegedly assaulting employees.

Now we know where the daughters inherited their bad temper from. Told ya she’s the mother of all screamers, ya?

Source: Hankyoreh

Anyway, more trouble’s on the way for the founding family of Korean Air as there have been a couple of police raids. It appears that the family regularly smuggled luxury items by disguising them as airplane parts and office supplies.

See lah, orbigooooood! Their father and mother never teach them must be nice to people and pay all their taxes…

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