Guy in S’pore slammed for dodgy practices of selling his dogs in the name of adoption

UPDATE: This guy want to sue us leh… wah limpeh very scared…

Some people have this idea that dog adoption is free.

You may be surprised that adoption usually comes with a fee and it’s in the range of $180 to $300. The adoption fee is often used for vaccination, sterilisation, microchipping etc.

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A pet owner in Singapore is slammed for letting go of his dogs in the name of adoption as his adoption fees are higher than industry practice.

In one case, he was accused of possibly adopting a Chow Chow (dog breed) for free and then letting it go for $700 – all in the name of “adoption”.

Check out this screenshot.

Based on this screenshot, it shows that the person in question has placed his Chow Chow up for adoption because he claimed he has too many kids and dogs at home.

He also said his Chow Chow is a pure breed and “her mum was purchased from a pet shop for 8.1k”.

He later mentioned that he was “letting go on behalf of a friend” which contradicted what he stated in his initial Facebook post.

In another case, he wanted to let go of his one day old Pomeranian puppies for $2,500 each. Again, in the name of adoption.

He claimed that it is his dog and it is perfectly ok to set the price.

He also has no qualms on calling it adoption – whatever name he deems fit.

Some personal attacks observed in the conversation thread.

He challenged the people who took issue with him to file a police report against him.

Someone wrote to Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority  of Singapore (AVA) about this issue but this guest post is no longer found on AVA’s Facebook page.

In a third case, someone noted that the person is question is also selling pet food without licence. Take a look at the screenshot below.

What’s unclear at this moment

There are a few issues that are unclear at this point in time:

  • Whether the person in question really adopted pet dogs for free and then sold them for profits
  • Whether it is wrong to set adoption fees at S$2,500
  • Whether his pet food business is licensed
  • Whether there are any other dishonest acts

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