Is Mother’s Day still a thing in Singapore?

Written and contributed by: Ms. Mary-Ann Toh

Mother’s Day may be a few sleeps away but one can’t help but wonder whether we are giving due credit to the woman who has dedicated her life for us in so many ways. Our next door neighbors may be occupied with the coming elections, putting aside Mother’s Day to deal with once the general elections are sorted. In fact, most mothers applaud this action by their children for the sake of a better future government.

Mother's Day

However, what about us Singaporeans? Have we forgotten to celebrate our mothers? Work and daily life can get busy but that’s no excuse to set aside the woman who has showed nothing but love and dedication for you. For business operators in Singapore, here’s an idea – how about killing two birds with one stone this Mother’s Day. How one may ask? Simple, by dedicating an upcoming marketing campaign to not only your mother but every mother in Singapore.

Despite being a few sleeps away, there’s always a way to creating a quick and successful campaign with these handy tips shared by e-commerce savings expert CupoNation.Your mother won’t be able to blame you for forgetting this time!

1. Create special Mother’s Day deals on favourite products.

With this limited time, you can forego the fancy dedicated Mother’s Day pages for your online shop. Stick to basics and go straight for the customer’s hearts by thinking like your customers. What is the most important thing customers will be seeking out as last minute Mother’s Day gifts? These gifts should most definitely be on sale so that your online store seems even more tempting for potential customers.

For offline stores, you can even provide a dedicated section in the section of your store with the highest traffic (think windows or entrance), and showcase top favourite Mother’s Day gifts such as candies and flowers at a fraction of a price to entice customers.

2. Be the guide to the perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

Face it, we’ve celebrated Mother’s Day all our lives and we probably run out of high quality ideas when it comes to finding the right gift for our moms. So it comes as no surprise that one of the top Google searches closer to Mother’s Day this 13th May will be what should I get for my Mother? With that in mind, having a how to article or a guide to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift will help your consumers find the right item to buy for their moms. Apart from that, articles and content pieces like this send positive signals in regards to search engine optimisation.

3. Spread the word on social media

Social media is everything these days. Help a friend and also customers remember that it’s due time to give credit to mothers (from your own mother to your wife and daughter). If you don’t have the time to publish an article on the perfect Mother’s Day gift, snap a picture and toss in a couple of witty words to be published on social media. A personalized social media post similar in concept to the Humans of New York page – think along the lines of publishing a photo of your own mother and family members – will draw more eyeballs and attention to your social media page and business as it has a more humanized approach to a usual business concept. Plus point, even your mother will be pleased that you are proudly broadcasting your love for her.

With these tips, not only are you gaining more traction and sales for your business but you are also able to prove that Mother’s Day is here to stay for a long run.

Mary-Ann Toh (Ms.)

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