Singaporean driving Mario Go-Kart mounts kerb in Tokyo


Mario Go-Kart

It is almost as if not a day goes past without a car/lorry/bike/eScooter mounting kerb and crashing their vehicle. 

But this one best.

On the 30th of April 2018,  a Singaporean woman in her 30s lost control of her Mario Go-Kart and crashed it in Tokyo’s Roppongi district. 

Japanese media reported her to have suffered minor injuries. 

But what on earth is a Mario Kart?

If you have played Mario Kart, you should know what this is. Except in Tokyo they bring it to life: Go-karters wheel around busy streets cosplaying as Mario and other Nintendo characters – we are told that this is actually pretty common.

However, don’t blame the Singaporean for being sotong lah. 

Japanese police released data revealing 50 accidents involving go-karts happened in Tokyo over the last 11-months. About 86% of these accidents were caused by *jeng jeng jeng* foreign drivers. 

As for now – be safe. You never know what’s going to come crashing down the kerb. Maybe it would be a dinosaur the next time.

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