You better watch out for danger in the office

Eh, we all not always just talk nonsense and gossip ok? We sometimes also got do some public service.

Now, I want you to think about health and safety at your workplace. Why workplace? Because you spend your whole damn day there mah.

Nowadays so many danger, but here are 3 danger that I really want you to think about. Why? Because in the last month, I see 3 of my colleagues at work kena because of these.

Number 1: Please keep your phones, eScooters, tablets and every other battery based device unplugged. These days, every thing is made in China and we don’t even know the quality is like how.

You keep it plugged in, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Later catch fire or explode, don’t say we never warn you.

Number 2: Please stay at home if you’re sick. Don’t take your virus and bacteria come to the office and share. If you want to share, you take everyone to lunch and you buy makan to share. This kind of suay thing you keep at home. Your colleagues won’t praise you for being garang, they’ll curse and swear at you if they kena and in-turn spread to their elderly and children.

Number 3: If you spill something, wipe the damn thing up. Be it water, oil, coffee or vaseline, please wipe it all up. You won’t know which blur sotong is behind you. It doesn’t take a lot of fluid to make something slippery ok?

Can ah! Brief you all already ah!

Baey Yandao



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