Haze in Hong Kong hits Unhealthy levels

Haze in Hong Kong hits Unhealthy levels

If you’re going to fly to Hong Kong in the next few days, you better hope the air quality gets better.

That’s because many areas there are experiencing heavy air pollution yesterday (17 January). 14 out of the 16 air-quality monitoring stations reported a “high” to “very high” health risk in the early afternoon.

As at 10pm, two stations in Tsuen Wan and Tuan Mun still experienced serious air pollution.

Higher than normal levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter were detected by the Environmental Protection Department across the country.

The Environmental authority warned the elderly and children to stay indoors during this time. For levels above “very high”, the elderly, children and persons with existing heart or respiratory conditions are advised to reduce of avoid outdoor activities.

So if you’re going there for your holiday or work, please either bring N95 masks along or stay indoors (which actually is quite a waste of money hor?)

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