See a “working dog” on a SMRT train? Please don’t pet it.

A netizen’s post on SMRT’s Facebook page drew flak after he questioned SMRT if guide dogs are allowed on trains.

His exact words are “Dog allow on the train? Not a guide dog. It is a Working dog. What is a working dog.”

Many netizens bashed him for his ignorance and assumed that many people are aware that a working dog is also known as a guide dog.

You’d be surprised that many people still don’t know what a guide dog is trained to do.

There are currently only eight guide dogs in Singapore who work with and for visually-impaired people.

Guide dogs are not pets, they are highly trained animals to act as the eyes for the blind. They will usually walk alongside his or her owner.

From young, guide dogs will learn to walk in a straight line, not to turn corners unless told to do so, stop at kerbs, wait for commands to cross roads, deal with traffic etc.

People should not touch guide dogs as this will distract them from their work. If you see their harness, it will also remind you not to pet them.

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