Pay $2 for e-Scooter rental around Singapore

E-Scooter rental for $2 for 30 minutes. Would you rent it?

(Or would you steal it and scoot off?)

A new e-scooter sharing platform will be available from September 2017 in both the heartland and downtown areas.


For a start, there will be docks deployed at Republic Plaza, Manulife Centre, Tiong Bahru Plaza and City Square Mall as part of a soft-launch in end-Aug.

The first 10 minutes of rental is free, then its $2 for 30 minutes. So if you want to take it out for lunch around the CBD area, it should cost $4 for an hour of lunch (DUH!)

The service is provided by PopScoot, a Singapore-based company which was started in April 2017.

PopScoot runs on a bluetooth app-based unlocking system which will release the e-scooters when users touch their mobile phones to the docks.


The in-app GPS also allows users to locate available scoots and track their travelling routes.

It can also be deployed without a dock or self-charging docked system, depending on the location.

But if you’re thinking of stealing the e-scooter, forget about it. Because there is a remote immobilisation system. If you kena immobilised, then maybe you just got to be like some kid and use it like a kick-scooter.

Another company previously had their e-scooters stolen, but luckily the stolen e-scooters were recovered.

Let’s hope they have enough e-scooters to go around, otherwise limpeh and another user will have to fight over it liao…


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