Faithful husband visits wife of 40 years at nursing home, rain or shine

Rain or shine, 77 year old Mr Loh Yew Kim will devotedly visit his wife seven days a  week after she was admitted to the Ren Ci Nursing Home.

nursing home(Credit: Straits Times)

Everyday, he will bring her favourite food and attend to her needs for the entire day.

Even the rest of the residents in the home will get him to help them buy food and other things.

To get to the nursing home in Novena, he has to walk up and down slopes which makes the journey very tiring for him. He also suffers from osteoarthritis, a joint disease in both knees which makes walking very painful.

nursing home
(Credit: Straits Times)

But without fail, he still makes the trip to visit her everyday with the help of a motorised scooter which Touch Community Services helped him to apply for a subsidy from the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund. He only paid $150 for the scooter which costs $1,500.

The couple have no children, and Mr Loh’s wife had to be placed in a nursing home because he was unable to care for her because of his leg condition.

But he has never complained.

“I never give up on her.”

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