Why our neighbour up north is the best…#justSaying

Why our neighbour up north is the best…#justSaying

Once in a while you find hilarious things being passed around on the Internet, and you just got to share. Here are 12 countries that are “not as good” as our neighbour up north in Malaysia.

United Kingdom

Don’t like our VAT 20%? You can leave UK and go to Malaysia. Their GST is only 6 %



Don’t agree to our GST 28% you can go to Malaysia it’s only 6%. They also have Tamil schools there unlike in North India.


United States

You want free healthcare ? You can leave USA and go to Malaysia . It’s almost free there!


Hong Kong

Cannot afford a house ? You can leave Hong Kong and go to Malaysia . Almost everyone above 35 years old own houses there!



What ? You want a car ? Leave Philippines and go to Malaysia . Every house hold owns more than a car there!



You complain about high cost of living ? Migrate to Malaysia, they have one of the lowest cost of living around.



Petrol price too expensive ? Leave Canada and go to Malaysia . Their petrol is even cheaper than Coca Cola!



Want to secure a place in high school ? Leave China and go Malaysia . They have lots of Chinese schools for you and everyone is secured of a place .



Want to enjoy life while working ? Leave Japan and go Malaysia . They have lots of Public Holidays, they work only until 5 pm, civil servants work until 430 pm, and everyone is on 5-day week. They can go movie, drink Starbucks, eat out regularly and always travel .



Unhappy that shops here close too early ? Migrate to Malaysia mate, they have 24 hour eateries everywhere and supermarkets open till 10 pm.



Want a Chinese mayor ? Leave Jakarta and go to Penang . The Penang Chief Minister has always been a Chinese, since 1957 !



You want to curse and defame your leader in FB ? Leave Singapore lah and go up north . They can curse their Prime Minister everyday.

And the list goes on…

Whatever it is Malaysia is still the best!


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