Please lah, Mdm Halimah Yacob… don’t stay in HDB leh…

Please lah, Mdm Halimah Yacob… don’t stay in HDB leh…

Which resident doesn’t want to have a President to stay in the same block of HDB flats as them? Housing prices will soar, area will be safe and Yishun will be great again!

But we never had a President who lived in HDB. Just imagine the inconveniences…

1. Parking

Aide-de-camp: Mdm, are you done yet?
Le President: No I need 5 more mins. Is there anything?
Aide-de-camp: errr … nothing Mdm.
Le President: What is it?
Aide-de-camp: Mdm your staff car just kena summon for waiting too long at the zigzag line.

2. Living Room

Principal Private Secretary: Mdm the CPA has been summoned for the Executive Group and we are ready to meet.
Le President: Where are we convening? My living room?
Principal Private Secretary: Mdm it is not big enough.
Le President: Let’s go to the Kopitiam across the road.
Principal Private Secretary: No Mdm we can’t.
Le President: Why not?
Principal Private Secretary: Man Utd is playing Chelsea now.

3. Town Council

Le President: We need to leave now. I am running late.
Aide-de-camp: Mdm we have to wait for 5 mins.
Le President: But I have no time! I will miss the Ceremonial Welcome!
Aide-de-camp: Mdm we have no choice.
Le President: Why?
Aide-de-camp: The town council is washing the floor.

4. Road block

Commander, Traffic Police: I have enuff of this.
Principal Private Secretary: Wassup Bro?
Commander, Traffic Police: Either you move her to Istana or I am pulling out my outriders.
Principal Private Secretary: Relak lah Bro. I am sure we can work things out.
Commander, Traffic Police: You try doing road block on Yishun Ave 2 during peak hours.
Principal Private Secretary: Traffic very jam meh?
Commander, Traffic Police: flip table

5. It’s Yishun again

Aide-de-camp: Yo! Le President’s night bag is ready. Come 1st-floor lobby to take it.
Security Officer: I am quite tired. Sir, you come up lah.
Aide-de-camp: Bro, lift spoil lah. You come down lah.
Security Officer: WTF is the lift always spoilt??!!
Aide-de-camp: Bro, This Is Yishun.

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