$22 for Nasi Lemak??? Sure boh?

Will you pay $22 for Nasi Lemak?

Nasi Lemak
Credit: Lawa Bintang Facebook

Well, if it has Lobster, why not?

The stall, Lawa Bintang which has three outlets (Tai Seng, Kaki Bukit and Tampines) sells atas (high-class) Nasi Lemak has super unusual choices like lobster, grilled sotong, salmon, crayfish and smoked duck.

Nasi Lemak
Credit: Lawa Bintang Facebook

The Lobster is served whole and coated with herbs and cheese.

The unusual choices for give the traditional dish a modernised and westernised feel.

The owner, Kak Sare was a property agent.

But if you prefer the simple, traditional Nasi Lemak, it is also available.

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