Wah lau…How can Changi Airport put the flag up the wrong way???

Wah lau…How can Changi Airport put the flag up the wrong way???

If you arrive at Changi Airport you can see a display of a soldier and our Singapore flag to commemorate NS50.

Actually, you probably will just glance at the display and maybe walk away. But if you look at it clearly, you can see that the flag is in the wrong direction.

How can they make the mistake of putting the flag in the wrong direction?

So this issue was all over the internet during the weekend.

Even alternative media sites talked about it.

But apparently, the flag is actually not placed wrongly.

And luckily some smarter Singaporeans came out to clarify and defend Changi Airport on Facebook.

For those of us who served NS before, we all had to go through Basic Military Training in Pulau Tekong as recruits and would have seen this statue:

The display at Changi Airport is modeled after this statue, which shows the soldier charging forward to protect his country.

So now you know the answer. The flag is put up the CORRECT way: to depict the onward march of the soldier.


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