Sure boh??? Singaporean tertiary students not tech-savvy enough

Sure boh??? Singaporean tertiary students not tech-savvy enough

Tertiary students: You’re not as tech-savvy as you think you are.

Not Limpeh say one hor…

A study done by International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Asia found that Singaporean tertiary students overestimate their level of proficiency in digital literacy skills such as word processions and spreadsheets.

The study was done on students from Temasek  Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, NUS, SMU, Kaplan Singapore and PSB Academy.

Close to 90% of the participants rated their skills from “fair” to “excellent”. But the average competency standard based on the results of their ICDL tests stood at 55% which is “relatively low” than the global passing standard mark of 75%.

Hmm…our digital literacy skills got that bad meh?

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