Time to take out your sportswear…Great Singapore Workout is back!

Remember the Great Singapore Workout?

For those who were born in the 80s, you will surely remember the Great Singapore Workout in the 90s where the Government introduced a aerobic workout to encourage exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

Great Singapore Workout

If you were in school during that time, likely you will remember the workout and laughing at certain exercise steps or even hating the entire workout (like me…).

Anyway, remember the theme song for this year’s National Day Parade that caught a bit of criticism when it was first launched?

(yah this one…)

Erm…so the people from Sports Singapore decided to put some workout steps to the song for all of us to do.

Here’s the video of the workout:

Now students, go and practice and memorise the steps ok? Cos for sure our teacher will ask you all to do the exercise on 8 August for the National Day school celebrations.

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