Who is this chio-bu who’ll be acting in Ah Boys To Men 4?

On July 5, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) announced that the cast of Ah Boys To Men 4 and will be back on the silver screen this November for the fourth instalment of the film series.

Photos of the artistes were posted on Mindef’s Facebook page against a backdrop of armoured vehicles at Sungei Gedong Camp during the movie’s lensing ceremony.

Apart from the familiar faces however, there was a new addition to the list of celebrities.

One photo featured a gorgeous actress in an SAF uniform in front of a Bionix tank.

Like many, you’ll probably be wondering how this new ‘chio bu’ will feature in Jack Neo’s next local film.

Ah Boys To Men 4 Apple Chan
Ah Boys To Men 4 Apple Chan

According to the caption on the photo, she is the female lead in the form of Lieutenant Zhang Xinyi. In the show, she is an armour infantry officer.

The actress playing that role is Apple Chan. The 28-year-old is a Hong Kong-based artiste who grew up in Singapore.

Apple Chan
Apple Chan

Although she has not been through national service, she has heard countless stories of the SAF from her friends and brother.

Said Apple: “All my friends went through NS, so I always hear stories about their training.

“I’ve also been to Pulau Tekong twice – when my brother and ex-boyfriend enlisted.

“I’ve always supported NS, and I always tell people in Hong Kong that it’s a very good thing for Singapore to have NS, because guys will grow and become more mature. I’m very proud to be a part of this now.”

In the next Ah Boys to Men movie, fans will see a grown-up side of the boys as they juggle In-Camp Training with girlfriends, wives and children.

Said director Jack Neo: “This year is NS50, an important event not just for the nation but every Singaporean as well. So I came up with the idea (of featuring a reservist unit).

“Over the last 50 years, NS has reached a stage where it’s no longer what we knew it to be. I see so much improvement. The training is also different. And that’s a good thing. It’s the right timing for the movie.”

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