Injured passenger was left behind by taxi driver after an accident as the driver went on a high-speed chase

A netizen Serene was left behind by the taxi driver sitting on the floor with an injured leg when the taxi speed off to chase another driver who had banged the taxi.


Here her account:

Dear friends, please help to share my post around. In the hope that the culprits will be found.

Last friday I was involved in a mini accident. I was hailing for a cab along the road at around 11plus some distance away from a traffic lights. Taxi Uncle saw me from a distance and began to turn to my side of the road.

He stopped within my reach and I proceed to open up the door, I was halfway into the backseat when I heard screeching sound and

BANG! There was a car that knock the bumper on the taxi. I was flung to the concrete floor on impact. The driver of the car came out and inspect the damages and the taxi Uncle was in the process of coming out… suddenly the car driver went back into the car and started his engine… at that point of time, taxi Uncle had just came out of his car and saw that the car driver is trying sped off.. Uncle immediately went back into the taxi and proceed to give chase… all these happens within spilt seconds..

There I was sitting on the floor.. with lacerations and blood on my knees and feet.. simply shocked and stunned to even notice the license numbers of both cars..

My body was aching and I was limping for days.. finally, today feet hurts the most and I had noticed.. feet was swollen.

Be safe my friends. #singaporetrafficpolice#singaporepoliceforce#singaporehitandrun

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