Young mother pushed baby pram got stuck by MRT doors, no one press emergency button to help

Novena MRT

A young mother was pushing her baby pram to board the train at Novena MRT when the MRT train door suddenly closed on her. The incident happened on Thursday morning (29 June) 10.45am.

The commuters at the platform were helpless and the commuters on train did not offered help or to at least press the emergency button.

Eye witnesses shared with Zaobao that the two Japanese ladies were entering the train and the MRT train door suddenly closed on the second lady without any alert. No one on the train came forward to press the emergency button. She screamed for help and luckily, three men on the platform came to her rescue. After she was rescued and went into the train, the train moved off immediately. Cannot imagine what will happen if the train moved off with her stuck.

Eye witnesses speculated that people may be afraid to press the emergency button because of the $5000 fine imposed for unnecessary use.

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