Taiwanese Mum cooks fish soup for daughter with finger in it…

When people say “watch what you eat!”, they are probably correct.

Not only because they are asking you to watch your weight or eat healthily, but literally  look at what you’re eating.

fish soup

A young female diner was shocked to find what looked like a severed human finger floating in her bowl of her mum’s fish soup in Taiwan.

The young woman snapped a picture of it and showed her family. The picture has gone onto social media and gained thousands of likes and comments.

Apparently, the “human finger” is actually fish maw – otherwise known as the swim bladder – the organ which helps a fish maintain its buoyancy in the water.

fish soup

But after cooking and boiling in water, the organ really turned out to look like a human finger especially since there is a part which resembles a fingernail.

The woman apparently joked to her family:

Look, my mum put her heart and soul and finger into this soup.”

So much love, and feelsss… 

Of course, many netizens have disagreed that it was a fish maw, but a real human finger, especially since some of them have not seen how a fish maw looks like.

What do you think?

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