Two men caught on CCTV for stealing a mobile phone from a shop in Race Course Road

On Friday (May 19, 2017) around 8.39 pm. Two men came into the mobile phone shop located at Race Course Road on the pretext of selling a used phone.

Race Course Road Theft

While my friend was checking the price for them, they walked towards the counter and stole the phone. Their action and face were captured on the CCTV.

Race Course Road Theft

The phone was an Oppo R9 with a red casing. They noticed that the guy in red was probably under influence of drugs as he was stumbling around the shop and as seen in the video, he fell while trying to sit on the chair.

Race Course Road Theft

Do let’s us know if you know who they are and please help to spread this around as to prevent more people from falling victim to them.

Watch the full video here:

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