Soon you don’t have to fly overseas just for Hong Kong food…

Looks like Singaporeans can forget about taking a plane just to get Hong Kong food in future.

One more famous Hong Kong eatery is opening shop on our little island.

Hong Kong Food

Famous fish broth congee from Hong Kong, Mui Kee, will start on June 30 a 6 month-long pop up stint in Les Amis’ Case Verde restaurant at the Botanic Gardens.

But by the end of the year, a proper restaurant will be set up.

The 26 year old original stall in Fa Yuen Street Market in Mongkok always sees tourists queuing for the congee. According to its third-generation owner Pierre Choi, tourists from Singapore Singapore have made up about half of his stall’s overseas visitors in the last 7 years.

Hong Kong Food
Tai Cheong Bakery at Holland Village

In the past few years, a few famous Hong Kong eateries have opened in Singapore. This includes the famous Tai Cheong Bakery at Holland Village, which is famous for their egg tarts as well as Jenny Bakery, famous for their cookies in Teddy bear-printed tins, which opened at Ang Mo Kio.

Hong Kong Food
Jenny Bakery at Ang Mo Kio.

Hong Kong is quite a popular holiday destination for Singaporeans, because of the food. But at the rate the eateries set up shop in Singapore, soon Singaporeans won’t have to fly to Hong Kong just for that flavourful bowl of wonton noodles.


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