See how this steady bom pi pi hipster granny deliver food to your work desk…

She is 70-years old, but age will not slow her down nor stop her from clocking 6 to 11 hours of work almost every day. And for your information, she does it on foot. This lady is definitely unstoppable…my staff at Ministry of Singaporean Friends (MSF) should give her an award, yo!


Madam Teo Yoke Lan delivers food with UberEats to busy officer workers who are younger than her.

The minimum age to be a walker with UberEats is 18 and Mdm Teo is definitely one of the oldest they have.

Launched in January, UberEats started signing on “walkers” to deliver food in the CBD.

“I don’t find it tiring at all. I like it because the hours are flexible and I get money for exercising.”

All of her 4 children are supportive of her job which earns her $1,000 to $1,500 every month.

Even if she does not understand much English, Mdm Teo took the courage to familiarise herself with mobile apps and now is able to navigate her way through the CBD area to deliver food within 35 minutes.

And here’s the thing, she is one of UberEat’s top delivery walkers in terms of number of trips made. Who says the elderly are slow and useless?

“…Age doesn’t determine what you can or cannot do. Anything is possible if you want to do it…”


If you work in the CBD and you spot her, call her and give her a Hi-Five!


Watch The Straits Times video here and see how she does it!


Chuan-Jin Chen



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