Toa Payoh hawker incident: there’s more…

Toa Payoh hawker incident: there’s more…

UPDATE: He is the chairman of the private estate’s managing body committee and not chairman of the residents’ committee which the Mainstream Media initial reported.

In an article by Lianhe Wanbao, more ugly past of the male lead in the Toa Payoh hawker incident kana dug out. He was reported of knocking into a 60+ year-old neighbour with his shoulder in purpose and then some more taunted, ‘I stand here and let you hit me‘ but later humji go report police a year ago at a Balestier apartment block.

The neighbour, who declined to be named, said he was returning home with two large bags after grocery shopping.

When he exited the lift on the sixth floor, he said the man “appeared not to see me and deliberately knocked into me” while rushing to get into the lift.

The resident demonstrates how his neighbour knocked into him. Photo Credit: Lianhe Wanbao

Furious, the neighbour wanted to confront the man, but the bully caught hold of his wrist and while putting his face close to his, taunted: “Hit me, I’m standing here for you to hit”.

The resident demonstrates how the man caught hold of his wrist. Photo Credit: Lianhe Wanbao

The neighbour said he made a police report, but realised that the man had also done the same, alleging that the neighbour had hit him.

Another incident, he was also been recorded on CCTV that he drove his Porsche back to his condo, but the security officer went toilet and didn’t open up the gate for him…. and he performs a ‘flying kick’ at the gate.

He got himself famous, during the dispute happened in Toa Payoh hawker centre over an empty table at the hawker centre, which the couple said had been ‘reserved’ for them on Friday (21 April, 2017) evening approximately 8.45pm when the elderly man, who was holding a tray of food, was asking the woman how many people were sitting at the table.

The incident has sparked national outrage and later arrested by the police for the offence of Public Nuisance under Section 290 of the Penal Code may be punished with a fine which may extend to $1,000.

Shin Min reporter has confirmed the identity and the occupation of the couple.

According to ACRA records, the tuition centre is solely owned by Alida Trading Pte Ltd. It is noted that Mr Chow Chuin Yee is the only one director listed in the company who is 46-year-old.

In addition, the 46-year-old man is also the director of two other companies, one of which is the company to provide higher education courses, the other is the renovation company.

The man, which is also the chairman of the private estate’s managing body committee, is also known to revv his engine loudly in the wee hours of the night, disturbing neighbours, the resident alleged.


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