Sure boh? Singapore streams in at 9th in online piracy globally

Sure boh? Singapore streams in at 9th in online piracy globally

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Among the world’s top countries for online piracy in 2016, Singapore came in at ninth, according to a recent study by technology company MUSO, which offers anti-piracy and market analytics.

In its Global Piracy Report 2017, MUSO said there were 191 billion visits to piracy sites last year. The global piracy visits per Internet user was at 53.33. It noted that the figures were after it filtered out visits data from China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and North Korea as their coverage was not complete for the period of the report published.

But it was in MUSO’s Piracy Demand Rank, which calculates the number of visits to piracy sites as a ratio to the country’s Internet population, that saw Singapore at ninth place with 179.38 visits per Internet user.

Singapore was the only Asian country in the top 10, with Belarus (283.83), Lithuania (269.08) and Georgia (242.58) claiming the top three spots, according to the company’s figures. The Piracy Demand Rank looks at the bigger picture, and categorises each country in terms of its engagement with piracy when ranked against other countries, it explained.

The study also offered the following figures:

– Web streaming sites are the most popular method for consuming illegal content, accounting for 60.1 per cent of piracy delivery preference. Public torrent sites are the next preferred method.

– Desktops were preferred to mobile devices when it comes to piracy, with 64.1 per cent of daily visits to piracy sites done using the former


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