Kakak Says: Luckily GST go up only 2%

So many of us have been wondering the last few weeks if the government, for real, want to make GST go higher? It’s confirm plus chop! GST will increase… but only from 2023! The GST will go up from 7 %t to 9% in two phases- first on Jan 1, 2023, from 7% to 8%, […]

5 Things Kakak Want to Tell You about the (Upcoming) GST Hike

Hello my adik-adik and friends. Lately I feeling so stress you know? Because when I go market now, I always end up spending a lot. In the past, I can buy so many things with $50… veggies, chicken. fish and a bit of beef and mutton. Prawn, crab and sotong I do alternate weeks lah. […]

Why do we need to pay GST?

Two weeks ago, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced in his budget speech that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) increase will not happen next year. Basically, he is indirectly telling us that if we are hoping that they will scrape the plan to increase GST, we can forget about it lah. Sibei angry leh. […]