What does football and Singaporean Core have in common?

Hello, uolls! How are you, my dear adik-adik and friends? I want to share something with you. Last weekend, Kakak and family went to the beach. I thought good time to reconnect with Abang. But before I could manja with him, your Abang took out his iPad. He said want to watch football! Omona! I […]

5 Things Kakak Want to Tell You about the (Upcoming) GST Hike

Hello my adik-adik and friends. Lately I feeling so stress you know? Because when I go market now, I always end up spending a lot. In the past, I can buy so many things with $50… veggies, chicken. fish and a bit of beef and mutton. Prawn, crab and sotong I do alternate weeks lah. […]