$22 for Nasi Lemak??? Sure boh?

Will you pay $22 for Nasi Lemak? Well, if it has Lobster, why not? The stall, Lawa Bintang which has three outlets (Tai Seng, Kaki Bukit and Tampines) sells atas (high-class) Nasi Lemak has super unusual choices like lobster, grilled sotong, salmon, crayfish and smoked duck. The Lobster is served whole and coated with herbs and cheese. […]

Would you like to see Michelle Chong’s oyster? 

Really! We never bluff, Michelle Chong show her oyster on Facebook! Here we go, this is her oyster: Notice how her hand can fit over the oyster neatly? Big right the oyster? According to her, the oyster was meaty AND creamy…and crunchy even at the same time! Gosh. Her oyster looks so delicious, puts me […]

Jialat…Golden shoe food centre closed liao

Jialat liao…Golden shoe food centre closed liao, means got 1 place less to eat lunch on weekdays. Everywhere else will be more crowded lor. But no need to worry lar, the government set up a temporary hawker centre to accommodate the hawkers from now till 2021, when the new building that replaces Golden Shoe car […]

Sian…this Durians song is exactly how we feel about Durians now….


Class 95 DJs Muttons posted on Facebook their version of Robbie William’s Better Man. But, the Durians song is all about durians and how this year’s price is soooo expensive… And limpeh fully agree…Durians price increase by 3 times leh! *Heartache* $30 per kg for Mao Shan Wang?! And wah lau…33 year record high leh! How […]

Swee lar! More eateries selling food with local flavour

Move aside McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger! You’re not the only new food item with spin on a local flavour! Yup, more and more food outlets are beginning to introduce new food with local flavours. Check out Burger King’s Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken Burger and Rendang Beef/Chicken burger: And here’s Starbuck’s new range of cakes that have […]

Durians can gel different religions together like glue


Singaporeans love their durians. Only a small number of people hate it. But for members of two different faiths, they regularly bond over durian parties. Kampong Kapor Methodist Church and Wat Ananda Metyarama Thai Buddhist Temple get together regularly to learn about each other’s faith. According to the pastor at the church, they do not […]

Kawaii Singaporean chiffon cakes are going viral round the world

chiffon cakes

Home baker Susanne Ng is gaining attention all over the world for her cute as a button chiffon cakes. Her cakes look like they belong to a toy shop than in a bakery. 37 year old Ms Ng has baked more than 300 chiffon cakes in various shapes and sizes such as animals, castles to […]

No need to go JB or Batam liao…A&W coming back to Singapore!!!


Yup, you never read wrongly. A&W has confirmed that it will be coming back to Singapore. The days of crossing the Causeway or taking a ferry to Batam will be gone. (Your wife will also no longer be questioning why you go to Batam so often liao…) A&W (Allen and Wright) left Singapore more than […]