Errr…male version of Chang Er spotted in Chinatown buying mooncakes

Someone who looks like chinese fairytale character Chang Er was spotted at Chinatown over the weekend. Apparently, the male version of the ‘moon goddess’, known as Chang Er-Xin was seen buying mooncakes. ‘Er-Xin’ was dressed in a flashy traditional Chinese costume and was first spotted on a train along the North-East Line. He then alighted […]

Nasi Lemak Condom? Hmm…Spicy…

nasi lemak condom

As if Nasi Lemak or Rendang burger is not enough, our brothers across the Causeway have come up with something to spice up…sex-life. A Malaysian contraceptive maker, Karex, has come up with a Nasi Lemak condom. Karex claims to be the world’s biggest condom maker and has already come up with a wide variety of […]

New Yishun Hawker Centre proves why Yishun is still… Yishun

Yishun Park Hawker Centre

The new Yistana Yishun Park Hawker Centre just opened about a week ago. But already people are complaining about many things about it. Yishun Park Hawker Centre Diners complain about the design of the hawker centre and its user-friendliness, even hawkers also complain about the cashless payment system. One of the major problems that diners […]

Malaysia comes up with Char Kway Teow Burger to rival Nasi Lemak Burger

Our friends in Kuala Lumpur had their own version of the Nasi Lemak Burger that was created by restaurant, myBurgerLab some months back. But soon, they might even have a Char Kway Teow Burger. *Slurps!* Online food channel FungryTV created the burger, which won’t have  char kway teow in it but will have fishcake, cockles, […]

His Rojak stall was really his life


So attached was he to his rojak stall that he made known his wish to his children that he wants his funeral cortege to drive past his stall at Whampoa Makan Place. Mr Lim Ngak Chew was the founder of popular Balestier Road Hoover Rojak Stall. His rojak comes with ingredients including century egg, jellyfish […]

Another coffeeshop violence in Singapore…this time in Balestier


Wah kao….all these Ah Bengs need to take a chill pill sia…why must destroy other people’s coffeeshop just because you’re not happy??? 2 men have been arrested after they  caused a scene at a Bak Kut Teh stall at Balestier on Saturday (19 Aug). The video of the two men, 50 and 53, was circulated […]

Don’t need to go Tokyo to eat already…Just go Changi Airport

If you are really craving for Japanese food, don’t need to go all the way to Japan to satisfy your cravings. But you still need to go to Changi Airport though. Not to fly to Tokyo, but to eat at a new Japanese restaurant. ANA will open a 300 seat Japan-themed foodcourt in Changi Airport […]

Another Old-School coffee shop closing on 22 August

coffee shop

More and more hipster cafes are popping up around Singapore. But the old-school coffee shop selling Hainanese kaya toast and coffee are slowing disappearing as time goes by. Limpeh got one word: sighhh… Hup Lee coffee shop along Jalan Besar will close on 22 August. They are famous for their kaya toast which is grilled […]

Cute Cute Robots Serve Food At Seafood Restaurant

In the past, Singaporeans always complain that older workers are “very poor thing”. The common issue they say is that older workers have to work so hard at food courts and restaurants serving food and clearing trays and used plates at food courts.   But nowadays, some Singaporean restaurants have introduced robots to help workers […]