Be careful when eating Japanese Mochi


Japanese mochi is eaten almost around the world. In Japan, the traditional rice cakes are eaten as part of the new year celebrations. But 2 people have died and several are in critical condition after choking on the rice cake. Apparently, several people die from eating it every year, which has officials issuing annual warnings. […]

Durian helps you sleep well


Many people think that Durian is very bad for health. Without a doubt, eating too much of it is really quite harmful to your body since its very high in sugar. But like all other foods, too much is not good. But…eating a bit once in a while is actually beneficial for you. According to […]

Free Char Kway Teow for first 100 taxi drivers…ai mai???

The Char Kway Teow seller who recorded himself verbally abusing a taxi driver has come out to apologise to the taxi driver and to the public. Dominic Neo has received backlash from netizens after the video went viral. He can be heard asking how the taxi driver can be a taxi driver if he doesn’t […]

Minions cafe to open at Orchard Central…First cafe outside Japan


Bello…. Singapore will see its first Minions cafe open today at Orchard Central. But not for long… The pop-up cafe will only operate till 31 January 2018. Operated by The Guest Cafe, the pop-up stores opened at 5 locations in Japan earlier this year to celebrate the opening of Despicable Me 3. The outlet […]

Durians in Singapore safe to eat…so quick go buy!!!


After seeing Facebook posts about Mao Shan Wang Durians being unsafe to eat going around last week, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has assured Singaporeans that the liew lian (durian) sold in Singapore are safe to eat. Yesterday night (21 November), the AVA posted on its Facebook page that durians in Singapore are safe […]

Murtabak war going on over at Sultan Road…supernatural also involved


For those of you who don’t know, a war between two Murtabak restaurants along Sultan Road has been brewing for years. Two years ago, a violent slashing incident happened in August 2015 along Arab Street. Police investigations found that Zam Zam owner Zackeer Abbass Khan contacted his business partner who was a headman of the […]

Crave Nasi Lemak stall sells incomplete fried fish

A reader sent in a handphone screen capture of a complaint which she put on White Sands shopping mall’s page. In the comment on the shopping mall’s post about popular Nasi Lemka chain, Crave Nasi Lemak, she complained that she was given a deep fried fish in her takeaway packet of Nasi Lemak. She included […]

30% of Singaporeans think that hawker centres are unclean

Hawker centre

A public cleanliness satisfaction survey shows that 69% of residents were satisfied with hawker centres and coffee shop cleanliness as compared to other areas like MRT stations, HDB void decks and commuter paths. The biggest pet peeve? Leftover food on the table. People were generally dissatisfied with the cleaning services, just over half of the […]

Kovan coffeeshop closed for 1 day for not having soap in toilet


The coffeeshop/food court with Punggol Nasi Lemak in Kovan has been ordered to close for 1 day (6 October) by the National Environment Agency. A notice was placed outside the coffeeshop saying that it was given 6 demerit points on two occasions for not providing soap in the toilets. It was also fined $800 for […]

ITE helps company to fold bee hoon

Bee hoon

What has ITE got to do with a Bee Hoon company? Well, ITE has helped a company to fold bee hoon. Not manually, but actually by developing a beehoon folding machine for People Bee Hoon Factory. The company’s director Mr Desmond Goh said the machine made by ITE has cut the number of workers for […]